Additives & specialties

Titanium Dioxides (Rutile & Anatase)
Iron Oxides -coatings and standard grades
Chrome Oxide Green
Natural oxides
Organic Pigments
Pearl luster pigments
Micacious iron oxides
Fluorescent pigments, dyes
Glitters and special effects
Lithopon 30%
Pine products -Depentene, pine oil, etc
Linseed Oil - refined, boiled and others
Minerals- Talc, Barite, Mica, and more
Tinting machines 
Universal colorants for tinting systems
Products for water born paints
Polymers for water borne systems
Styrene Acryl
Pure Acryl
Sodium aluminum silicate and other treated silicas
Water born alkyd resins
Pigment dispersions and pastes
Additives for water borne coatings
Biocides & preservatives
Polyacrylate dispersing agents 
Calcined clays
Celluolose Ethers and CMC
Flakes for special décor paints
Coelecsing agents and plasticizers
Products for manufacturing of solvent borne paints
Long oil, medium oil, short alkyds
Modified alkyd resins (styren modified,phenolic podified, etc..)
Epoxy and other resins
2k acrylics for wood and metal coatings
Additives for solvent borne systems
Liquid and powder waxes
Petroleum resins
Paint driers and antiskin (MEKO)
Zinc stearate, calcium stearate etc
Carbon black
Zinc Dust
Malleic resin
Rheological additives
Thermoplastic acrylic resin 
Hardeners for 2k systems (Isocyantes)
Pigment dispersions